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Hi, I’m Gabrielle Hickman

With over 10 years of experience in private practice and having owned a clinic in Ballarat, I can provide you with a custom treatment plan based on your specific needs and issues. 

I provide mobile podiatry services such as in-home consultations and treatments in the inner west suburbs of Melbourne.

Conditions & Treatments

We treat people of all ages, however commonly adults are more likely to have ongoing issues with their feet. We offer a range of treatment options for all different foot pathologies and provide a tailor made treatment plan.

We offer a wide range of general podiatry options, including toenails, corns and callus treatment. We also provide the following services:

Medical Pedicure

Heel Pain

Diabetes Foot Care

Dry Needling

Children’s Foot Care

Wart Treatment

Sports Podiatry

Orthotic Therapy

Ingrown Nails

Flat feet

It’s easy to get started

I understand how difficult it can be to get treatment for your foot problems. That is why, I’ve made my booking & treatment process as smooth as possible.

It only takes 3 minutes of your time to make a booking with us

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Receive your custom treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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We offer a range of payment options.

We can put the claim through for you and your Medicare rebate will be returned to you within 24-48 hours

Who needs a podiatrist?

You are on your feet for 6 or more hours
You have discoloured or thick nails
You have pain in your feet or lower legs
You have diabetes
You find it difficult to get shoes that fit properly
You have hard skin or calluses on your feet
You suffer from ongoing foot pain
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In Step Podiatry is a mobile podiatry service that provides In Home consultations in the inner west suburbs of Melbourne. We provide a high quality specialised service to people in their own homes.